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Dear Coloradans,

I recently switched my party affiliation from Republican to the Democratic Party. A leader leads and does not fall in line to support someone that is dangerous to our ideals as a nation. Supporting the Republican nominee would go against who I am as a person and my beliefs. The promise of America and the U.S. Constitution should never be compromised. The soul of ideas and the great people of our country should always be challenged; that is how our greatness materializes.

No one should ever seek to diminish the many cultures or voices that are germane to our future. The melting pot of America shall and will remain strong, not divided. Blind loyalty to someone without character, integrity, compassion, substance, humility, and tolerance, is truly the blind leading the blind.

Our Country and the State of Colorado, still needs young and new leadership in our political system; therefore I will see you sometime in the future.

May God Continue to Bless this Country and the Great State of Colorado.

-Erik Underwood


To see Erik Underwood's Speech at the Colorado State Convention, click on the You Tube video below. Erik's speech begins at 2:17:30 seconds.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016 12:59 AM

Underwood to speak at the Colorado GOP Convention

Erik Underwood (Boulder - CO) will speak at the Colorado  State GOP Convention on April 9th, 2016 seeking his Party's nomination for U.S. Senate. 


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