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Hello Coloradans,

Welcome to the Underwood for Colorado Campaign for Governor. Our campaign theme is Outward - Inward. From rural Colorado to Urban Colorado, I will stand with you. I am a moderate democrat for all Coloradans, who has viable plans for our great State. I am a Coloradan that has great government experience, working as a former United States Senate Staffer in Washington, D.C. Coming from a single parent household, I faced many challenging circumstances and can relate to hard working families living pay check to pay check. Being the oldest child of six, I had to learn leadership. We have a great economy here in the State of Colorado and I want provide access and opportunity to uplift everyone, so all Coloradans can participate in this great economy. My background as an entrepreneur of digital content and mobile platform technology (My24HourNews.Com, Inc.), taught me to value innovation. With my vision, I want to take my entrepreneurial and leadership experience to become the next Governor of Colorado. Solutions...Not Soundbites. 

"Together...Soaring to New Altitudes"

 -Erik Underwood

  Your Next Governor for Colorado




Monday, September 11, 2017 12:29 AM

Underwood Has a New Plan and Initiative to Use Hemp to Bring Back Jobs in Rural and Urban Colorado

For Immediate Press Release:

Erik Underwood has a new plan to bring back middle class jobs to rural and urban Colorado. The Plan is called: Colorado Rural Urban Agricultural Hemp Manufacturing Initiative [CRUAHMI]. Erik says, "Some Coloradans are getting left behind in our great economy here in our State; we have to create jobs and opportunities for Coloradans with access to fewer career choices. Giving Colorado a Chance to Lead Globally Through Economic Innovations. ” –Erik

To date, Underwood is the only gubernatorial candidate to have a plan to bring back  jobs to rural and urban Colorado. True to his campaign theme, "Outward - Inward", Erik plans to keep his promise to those getting left out of our great economy.

The Problem: Lost jobs in rural and urban Colorado, the need for high paying jobs, and entrepreneurial opportunity for a new multibillion dollar economy and cash crop. Also, the need to reduce environmental short falls of cutting down trees, which takes longer to produce than hemp.

The Solution: To create an agricultural and manufacturing initiative that will make Hemp an exportable cash crop for Colorado, creating jobs in hard hit rural counties. Through this initiative, Colorado will generate billions of dollars in new revenue from hemp. This new tax base can help improve our schools, roads, and create more job opportunities, lifting more Coloradans out of poverty.

Uses From Hemp: Clothing, Shoes, Rope, Paper, Tee Shirts, Pants, Socks, Furniture, Construction, Beauty Products, and so many more manufactured items.

Friday, August 11, 2017 12:00 AM

Underwood Lays out Plan for Colorado

His campaign motto is “Outward Inward,” a nod to representing rural Colorado just as much as its inner cities, he says. 

Underwood joins a Democratic primary field that includes former Sen. Mike Johnston, former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy, Intertec Plastics CEO Noel Ginsburg, and Boulder Congressman Jared Polis. Three lesser known candidates, Adam Garrity, Moses Humes, and Michael Schroeder, have also filed paperwork to run.

Monday, April 10, 2017 3:00 PM

Underwood Running For Governor - April 2017

"We need fresh faces with new ideas, instead of recycled faces with old ideas ... I'm looking to provide strong leadership that is fair and in-line with our Colorado values," he said Monday.

He said he's uniquely positioned to attract moderate Republicans and conservative-leaning unaffiliated voters to the party, as well as retain moderate Democrats. And as a person who hasn't been elected to public office before, he retains an outsider's perspective.

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