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Undocumented Immigrants -Come Out Of The Shadows Program

Come Out Of The Shadows (COOTS) Program

Keeping families together is a priority of mine. No longer can we afford to keep our head in the sand, Washington is unwilling to act, so I will act as Governor. We will embrace and love our neighbor no matter where they are from. We have to bring undocumented immigrants into the fold of our society.

With DACA up in the air, I have a solution for Colorado. My plan (COOTS) will allow all undocumented immigrants to become a legal state resident of Colorado through a process. Pay a nominal program fee, stay out of trouble, after two years you become a resident of Colorado. We will set up State advocates to guide immigrants on how to become a U.S. Permanent Resident or a U.S. Citizen, after completing the COOTS program.


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