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FOR U.S. Senate 


Meet Erik 

"I love the Colorado life, and lifestyle....I want to protect our way of life here and represent those values in the U.S. Senate."

I am from a single parent household (the oldest of six children), grew up in 3 housing projects, and escaped from being shot at when I was a teenager. An avid athlete, I was a hurdling champion (110  and 400 meter hurdles) in high school and in college.



I graduated from Central State University with a concentration on International Relations - Political Science. As a media tech entrepreneur and businessman, I own and launched a cutting edge media technology company (My24HourNews.Com) which spawned a $102 million joint venture with AT&T (2012). I also own a personal assistant search engine called E.R.I.C.A. 

The U.S.Senate needs more Americans of Color in the upper chamber to help shape legislation and the conversations that we need to have as a Country. I will not leave anyone behind, especially rural and urban Americans. 

I am running for U.S. Senate because I have the unique experience to bring forth meaningful legislation. Enough talk, we need action to solve some of our lingering problems here in this Country. I will work across the aisle to help move this Country forward without sacrificing my soul or moral compass, Having worked in the U.S Senate years ago and as a leader who understands where this Country needs to be; I know we need new voices of leadership, not stale or recycled ones. I want Coloradans to send me to the U.S. Senate as a leading voice in the Senate, not as a get in line follower. 

While I am aiming to make history to become the first American of Color to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate, I have a platform that I plan to implement, moving our Country in a new direction. Please go to my Issue - Platform page to learn more about the issues you care about.

Please do not forget to contribute and support my U.S. Senate run! Help us make history!!!!

Thank you and I will see you on the campaign trail.

- Erik 


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Underwood for U.S.Senate 

1550 Larimer Streeet #779

Denver, CO 80202


(720)  722 - 9404 

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