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Erik is from a single parent household (the oldest of six children), grew up in 3 housing projects, and escaped from being shot at when he was a teenager. An avid athlete, Erik was a hurdling champion (110 and 400 meter hurdles) in high school and in college.

Erik graduated from Central State University with a concentration on International Relations - Political Science. As a media tech entrepreneur, innovator, and businessman, Erik launched a cutting edge media technology company (My24HourNews.Com) which spawned a $102 million joint venture with AT&T (2012). In 2015, Erik launched a first generation personal assistant search engine called E.R.I.C.A (My24Erica.Com). In early 2020, Erik and his team launched a multimedia investment technology acquisition company called Illmatic Ventures Corp. Illmatic V ( is set to acquire tech and multimedia companies that can be integrated into mobile content platforms and next generation applications. 


Erik lives in Denver, Colorado and is engaged in civic activities within the State of Colorado. Having run for Governor in 2018, Erik got a chance to explore every single county (64) in the beautiful State of Colorado. When not working, you can find Erik running on mountain trails, biking, hiking, and traveling around the world. 

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