My platform and Proposed legislative actions that I seek to accomplish 

  • environmental Justice -Empowering all communities and ensuring that our environment has clean air, water, sound infrastructure, and renewable energy

  • I support Daca and immigration reform. I will also seek through a bill to compensate undocumented immigrants who were mistreated and abused at the border during the trump administration. Those that abused any undocumented immigrants should be brought to justice. No human being should be caged like an animal and denied basic rights

  • Gun Control - I support red flag laws, universal background checks, and a ban on weapons of war (Assault rifles)

  • helping the cryptocurrency and blockchain community thrive through smart government policy and regulation

  • Mental Health - I will vote to Provide more funding for our soldiers suffering from ptsd and mental health services for the general population

  • I will introduce An Industrial Hemp manufacturing Initiative/bill for rural and Urban entrepreneurs. I will also fight to end cannabis being labeled as a schedule 1 drug

  • I will Introduce a free college education Bill that will be funded by national and international lottery revenues. I intend to create a national lottery system with one mission in mind, free college education and debt relief. my bill will also help to eliminate college debt from people who are under a certain income threshold. Unlike other candidates before me, I am the only one who has a plan to fund free education without burdening our tax payers

  • I have a plan for a health care Public option bill which will be funded through a pennies per trade fee on wall street transactions

  • I will introduce a new voting rights bill to stop discrimination and the erosion of voting rights

  • Will seek to defund generational forever wars

  • No more thoughts and prayers. Teenagers are facing so much more when I was a teen; I.E. school shootings,increased teen suicides,lack of lgbtq rights. I will introduce a national bill lowering the voting age to 16, so this forgotten constituency can have a voice in our democracy. The Stoneman Douglas High School students (Parkland, Florida) shown us what is possible when young people can band together to effect change 

  • will seek to further criminal justice reform and eliminate private prisons. I am also open to the idea of adding more seats on the U.S. supreme court

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Underwood for U.S.Senate 

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