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Colorado Rural Urban Agricultural Hemp Manufacturing Initiative

 Colorado Rural Urban Agricultural Hemp Manufacturing Initiative


 I am pleased to announce my plan and statewide initiative that will bring good paying agricultural and manufacturing jobs back to rural and urban Colorado. As I travel around the State from Greely to Pueblo, and to other less populated cities in Colorado, the one question that keeps popping up; how do I propose to bring back jobs to rural Colorado? I have an answer, and plan for our State called CRUAHMI [Pronounced “Crew –Ah – Mi”], Colorado Rural Urban Agricultural Hemp Manufacturing Initiative.


                                        Rural and Urban Economic Plan

          Colorado Rural Urban Agricultural Hemp Manufacturing Initiative (CRUAHMI)

Trade is killing our jobs here in America. So many countries have an unfair advantage over our workers and companies based here in the U.S. It is hard to compete when an economic trade system is stacked against you. I want to give the State of Colorado back that advantage through my economic plan and initiative that I call CRUAHMI, the Colorado Rural Urban Agricultural Hemp Manufacturing Initiative. I want Colorado to become an economic leader in industrialized hemp for manufacturing purposes. Through this program, we would help farmers and manufacturers with State funded loans to spark entrepreneurship and job growth. Farmers and Manufactures will have a streamlined program where they can come together, and spark massive growth here in Colorado. The result can export many hemp based goods from Colorado to all over the world.

The Problem: Lost jobs in rural and urban Colorado, the need for high paying jobs, and entrepreneurial opportunity for a new multibillion dollar economy and cash crop. Also, the need to reduce environmental short falls of cutting down trees, which takes longer to produce than Industrial Hemp.

The Solution: To create an agricultural and manufacturing initiative that will make Industrial Hemp an exportable cash crop for Colorado, creating jobs in hard hit rural counties. Through this initiative, Colorado will see billions of dollars in new revenue form hemp. This new tax base can help improve our schools, roads, and create more job opportunities, lifting more Coloradans out of poverty. Uses From Hemp: Clothing, Shoes, Rope, Paper, Furniture, Hempcrete, Plastics, Graphene Batteries, Beauty Products, and so many more manufactured items.

 My plan will not only help the environment, but will to help usher in a new cash crop for the manufacturing and agriculture industry. Colorado has a chance to create a global hemp industry right here in our beloved State.

Since the legalization of marijuana, the time is now to let our farmers and entrepreneurs partner on an agricultural and manufacturing initiative that will produce products from hemp. Industrial hemp breaths in 4x the carbon dioxide (CO2) of trees during its 12-14 week growing cycle. Trees take 20 years to mature versus 4 months for Industrial Hemp. Forests are being cut down 3x faster than they can grow. Colorado can become a leader in the Hemp industry through growth and exports of goods around the globe. My plan will help farmers to obtain financing through private and public partnerships in designated rural areas around Colorado.

The plan also includes farmers and entrepreneurial manufacturers to partner up. The farmers will supply the hemp, and the manufacturers will produce; clothing, shoes, paper, and other hemp made items through the farmer/manufacture partnership. In order for manufacturers to get tax and abatement incentives from the state, including help of financing through public and private partnerships, the manufacturing facilities of Hemp made products must be located in designated rural counties and urban cities hit hard by job loss opportunities.

This initiative will help hard working families to have more job opportunities in counties where the opportunities are less. It will also help to spark an entrepreneurial revolution here in our State, which will rival the technology industry.



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