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Free In State Tuition at a Public College, Trade School, or University

The Colorado Hope Grant Scholarship

The Colorado Hope Grant

I plan take the excess state lottery revenues to give hard working families and deserving students a helping hand. The State grant will give free college in - state tuition to graduating high school seniors with a B+ average or better. The grant will also include tuition for trade schools. In return, students will have to give 25 hours per year (4 years total) of community service to the Colorado State Parks & Recreation Department. Graduating high school seniors who do not have a B+ can apply and attend a public community college tuition free. Students that go to a community college for one semester and raise their grades to a B+; can then transfer to a state public college or university, in Colorado, tuition free.

 By cultivating the brightest minds in Colorado, this program in the long run will contribute greatly to our growing economy. That means more jobs and more entrepreneurship here in Colorado for generations to come.

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