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Campus Rape

Campus Rape

As Governor, I will not tolerate any kind of violent acts of violation against any woman. Campus rape is real and leaves a lasting effect amongst its victims. I will support strict and tough new laws regarding campus rape. I will also work with survivor groups on giving them the resources they need to rebuild their lives and to strengthen their courage. Unfortunately, one of my opponents (A congressman from the Boulder area) in our gubernatorial race, believes that accused rapists on college campuses should only be expelled or just "transfer" to another college (Click Here for Article Link).

While I believe in due process, colleges and universities should be turning over every rape case   to authorities who have the power to prosecute. Rape is a very serious crime, and if someone who commits this heinous crime is found guilty by a court of law, then they should go to jail and do not pass go. I will not tolerate colleges and universities giving slaps on the wrist to offenders, where they can transfer and continue to victimize women. I will not equivocate like the Boulder congressman, who likened rape to some infraction in the student handbook that can get a student expelled. We have to treat rape as a criminal matter first! Period!

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