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Protect Undocumented Immigrants -Come Out Of The Shadows Program

Come Out Of The Shadows (COOTS) Program

Keeping families together is a priority of mine. No longer can we afford to keep our head in the sand. If Washington is unwilling to act, then I will act as the next Governor. The goal of my program is to protect Undocumented Immigrants, so we can fight to give them base level legal status as a state resident.

                                      Protecting Undocumented Immigrants

                                         Come Out Of The Shadows Program

We have to bring undocumented immigrants into the fold of our society. With DACA up in the air, I have a solution for Colorado. Doing nothing is not an option. We are a nation of immigrants. My plan (COOTS) will allow all undocumented immigrants to become a legal state resident of Colorado through a process. Pay a nominal program fee, stay out of trouble, after two years, they can become a resident of Colorado. The nominal fee that participants pay will help subsidize the program. We will set up State advocates to guide immigrants on how to become a U.S. Permanent Resident or a U.S. Citizen, after completing the COOTS program. Colorado will not share our registry list with any federal agency, except in a serious case where someone commits a felony.

 If any Undocumented immigrant cannot afford to pay into the program fee, they can apply for waiver. I may not be able to solve the nation’s immigration problem, but I can at least provide a serious solution here in Colorado. If my COOTS legislation passes and it gets legally challenged, we will defend the program in the courts. I hope to give other State’s in our union legal precedent when it comes to protecting undocumented immigrants. As state legal residents, undocumented immigrants can work, pay taxes, and have a beginning to a pathway to becoming a U.S. Citizen.

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